Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn is an accomplished Canadian artist. Her works are in private and corporate collections throughout North and South America, Australia, and Europe. Welcome to


"Iris" -  a sure sign of summer
The Iris was always one of the most special flowers that grew in Baba’s Garden.

Bulbs such as irises and tulips were an indication that there was a little extra time and money available to "dress up" the garden with pretty flowers.

"Iris" is part of Larisa's 'Baba's Garden" collection which was originally exhibited at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village - Summer 2002.




Featured Painting

"From Dawn Until Dusk"
Original Watercolour Painting
Celebrating Women Collection

This painting  is dedicated to the pioneering spirit of every woman who has immigrated to Canada making it her new home. Uprooting a family and starting over in a new country has more than its share of trials and tribulations. Pioneer women frequently faced endless hours of mundane chores, such as laundry, which were essential to the health and well being of a family.  Often it was a hard, thankless process requiring total focus and dedication to the dream of a fresh start and a new life.

NOTE: "From Dawn Until Dusk" was created as a triptych. The three panels are intertwined within the same frame.

for more information about the painting:  CLICK HERE


Now On Display

Larisa’s artwork can be found on display in several galleries and public spaces across Canada. 


“An Ensemble of Colour”

“An Ensemble of Colour”

On display this summer in the Arden Theatre lobby, St. Albert.  May 7 - August 31, 2014

Prints of this image are available on-line – CLICK HERE


“Ages & Stages”

This painting illustrates the 4 ages and stages of our lives. Like a flower seed we are born with great potential.  In childhood opportunities begin to bloom. In full blossom we realize our goals.  And as we mature we share our wisdom with future generations.

In experiencing the cycle of life, we find that each stage has its own beauty.  As we grow there is an inherent wisdom that comes from the knowledge we gather. The child, the youth, the adult and the elder, each makes a contribution to our social fabric in their own way.

Note: This images was created in 4 pieces that have been intertwined and mounted within the same frame.

For more information about "Ages & Stages":  CLICK HERE

In 2004 Larisa unveiled a series of 25 paintings honouring the pride, passion and perseverance of Canadian Women.  The “Celebrating Women” Collection toured across Canada in 2004/5. The signature painting “Fabric of a Nation” has now found a permanent home in Ottawa in the office of the National Council of Women of Canada.  Many of the originals sold while on tour. However, 9 paintings that were in storage are now back in Edmonton, out of the dark and ready to be shared again with everyone. Please contact Larisa directly for a private viewing or to discuss details –

These ORIGINAL PAINTINGS are for sale and can be viewed on-line: CLICKHERE

PRINTS from this series: CLICK HERE


Visit Larisa’s home studio!

Everyone is welcome to visit Larisa’s home studio. 

Please phone ahead or email to make an appointment.



Phone: (780)479-2813


“Once A Kozak...” – A Fundraising Project

Many of Larisa’s paintings have been created as fundraising projects for various organizations. Here are a few that you may want to check out:

                "Once a Kozak..." - Cheremosh Dance Ensemble - Edmonton

“Waiting Backstage” – Tryzub Ukrainian Dance School in Calgary

“Prairie Church” – Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

“Pryvit” - Veselka Ukrainian Dance Association – Edmonton

“Fabric of a Nation” – National Council of Women of Canada

“Embroidered Memories” – Cheremosh Dance Ensemble – Edmonton

“Psalm 104” – Flowers of the Bible Society


“1000 Pillow Project”

Many of us have inherited our grandmother's/mother's/aunt's embroidered pillows. They represent hundreds of thousands of hours of detailed stitchery and we have kept them out of respect and the sheer beauty of them.

Currently, I am working on a new project. An art installation/exhibit in which I intend to incorporated 1000 embroidered pillows, as well as projections and paintings. Since first posting my idea on line this past summer I have collected over 200 pillows and images. It’s a start.  But I really want to make an impression on how talented and prolific these women were.  To fill a room with 1000 pillows would be awesome. So I am asking for your help in two ways:

  1.  As you are cleaning out closets and trunks, if you come across an embroidered pillow case (any culture) think of me. We can either arrange for it to be donated to the Medvidsky Archives at UAlberta (where it will be preserved and there for all to enjoy forever) or if you could lend it to me that would be great, or just a scan of it would be wonderful.
  2. If you are involved with a group that I could come talk to about my project please let me know. (eg Women’s Association, quilting group, embroidery club)


Please share this with as many people as you know.


If you have Pillows/Pillowcovers  you would like to include in this project

please contact me for further details:


Larisa’s Art Blog

This section is saved for sharing of ideas and techniques. 

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Student Art Blog

Boys & Girls

Over the last few months I myself have been a student at the University of Alberta.  One of the courses I took was MLCS 399 - Canadian Graphic Novels.   For the final project we were challenged to illustrate the story “Boys & Girls” by Canadian author Alice Munro who recently won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Enjoy Part here


"Ukrainian Canadian Visual Artists"

To celebrate 120 years since the first immigration of Ukrainians to Canada, Larisa created a slide show featuring the works of over 40 Ukrainian-Canadian artists.  The video was initially commissioned by UCC and was first shown at "Ukrainians on the Hill" in Ottawa, October 2011. Background music by John Stetch,
Vasyl Popadiuk and Evan Osinchuk.

To View the video CLICK HERE


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Displays and Publications

For several years now I have been working with the Kule Folklore Centre at the University of Alberta. The most recent project has been a display focusing on the history of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada. Part 1 – “Journey to Canada” 

CLICK HERE- for More information.


"An Ensemble ofColour"

Howthe painting was created - An interview with Larisa   CLICK HERE

"Creating An Ensemble ofColour has been one of the most rewarding projects that I haveworked on to date.  Featuring a glimpse of a magnificent wardrobe of Ukrainiandance costumes that have been worn over the past 40 years, the finished piece isover 16 feet wide and is the largest single image that I have ever produced."    ~ Larisa


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Larisa's artwork is also available at the following locations:


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